Belly button infection?

I know the photo is so hard to see; but tonight we bathed my LO and we noticed his belly button was read and looked like small “dark crusties” inside. We tried to clean them but they stayed on the belly button like a scab. Anyone experienced this? Have any advice? I have so much anxiety 🥲 (another photo in comments) he’s 8 months
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@Bethany 8 months! Sorry I should have mentioned that!

My baby had something similar to this- he was much younger though, our pediatrician said it was just from the umbilical cord not drying fully and could take awhile to fully dry/heal, we also had a chunky little one so air wasn’t really getting to it much… I would talk to your pediatrician at his next appointment! Also I LOVE your nails they are so pretty!

Use a q tip with soap and water to clean it

Cotton bud and warm soapy water in the bath.. x

@Sierra we did try that but they didn’t come out

@Georgia didn’t seem to work when we tried last night /:

Put some sudocrem inside it. Maybe theres been water left in there after bath time and it’s a bit sore? X

And then do the same again tomorrow to clean it out? X

I wouldn’t try to dig anything out I would just put a clump of coconut oil over it to soften everything up while it cleanses!

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