My lo is 4 months old would it be horrible for me to start giving her rice cereal mixed with my breast milk? Or should I wait till 6 months?
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I mix formula with rice cereal bc of acid reflux and it keeps them full a bit longer it’s all just comes down to what your comfortable with

Mine turned 4 months and i started giving him baby food. I ofc got the approval from the doctor but he eats baby food and formula he didnt care for the oatmeal but he loves apple sauce

Baby doesn't need anything but milk until 6 months unless advised by a dr. Some babies tummies just aren't ready and you could cause gut issues later in life x

Ped told us not to start oatmeal cereal until 6 months and not to do rice ever because of high levels of arsenic. She told us we could start veggie purée and to start with green and yellow veggies one at a time to rule out allergies. She said if you start with fruit they won’t want anything else.

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