If your husband pushed you out of the way to leave while pregnant?...

husband pushed you out of the way to leave (claims it was nothing and said I was dramatic about it) while you were pregnant.. , threw a plate across the room when your boy was only a few weeks old, screams at you in front of baby, and has raised his voice at baby (6 months old). Would you consider it abusive? Emotionally abusive towards me to the point I've been feeling like I'm losing it. But towards your baby? He acts as if the baby is a chore and a burden. Rarely checks him if he is crying, asks me if I think he's hungry, if he should change his diaper, if he should give him teething gel, etc, if he's "giving me alone time". Almost like he can't care for him by himself. He gets verbally frustrated with him when he has him for less than 20 min alone and he's crying. I want a divorce and I've told him. It's impossible. I can't work, he can't care for him for me to get a job. I can't hardly save up money, idk how to go about it. I don't trust him to have any kind of custody of him because even when I'm home, he can't care for him properly or without asking me a million questions. He has no common sense for safety of him and I constantly have to get onto him about putting him in his carseat properly. I repeat myself a million times of important things and he is ignorant about it. Please help!!
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My dad was almost was talking me out of it. He said "is it because of y'alls relationship or because he can't care for him" like I 100% want him in babies life but he is unpredictable and I don't know how to go about it safely. Unfortunately I mentally can't with my parents. Its tough. I'm being made to feel crazy or that I'm blowing it out of proportion. Like when things are good they are good but when they aren't, he is unpredictable and I get scared of what could happen.

Www.glsp.org My mom is a lawyer there and runs the hotline. They can help you with your divorce depending on your county. Everything else they can point you in the right direction. Start documenting everything right now. Call the police when he’s breaking the law… it will help you in a custody battle.

@Scarlett thank you. I just think he isn't mature and ready for the responsibility yet. I feel like a single mom! I feel bad because he does help and love us but I can't keep living like this. I'm just unhappy

@Cory I just don't want to ruin his life or relationship with our baby. He just has alot to work on. It has gotten alot better but I feel like he hides his true colors around me because we are on the brink of divorce.

Incognito, YOU are not going to ruin his life. It’s not wrong to hold someone accountable for their actions. If he is abusive and breaking the law, he should be held accountable and you should protect yourself and your child. Abusers are master manipulators, so never feel responsible for his actions.

@Aneayah thank you so much for your perspective. It helps me alot. I see so many couples happy and handle things so much differently than we do with conflict and stuff. Gives me some home that I could find the right spouse for myself but unfortunately my ex was the same way! It makes me nervous.

@Aneayah im so sorry! Thats horrible.

@Aneayah yes, he just isn't very capable of having him alone. He gets angry and has yelled at him before, I got it on camera. That's what terrifies me about leaving and him getting custody, or him alone. He has to ask me "do you think I should change his diaper?", "do you think he's hungry?" Etc. When he wakes up at night to "help" he gets vocally frustrated at him "Just go to sleep, come on, whats wrong"

That is really abusive, and it will only get worse. Seek help at woman's shelter or call domestic violence hot line. Wish you all the best.

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