Is anyone else triggered by target?

I don't care what grown adults do with their life, but there is an agenda being pushed on our kids. It's obvious, and you can tell just by looking at media nowadays. The grooming needs to stop
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Agreed. Everyone should be able to live their lives without having it in our kids' faces. I really monitor what my son watches on Disney plus now as well.

@Britt we do mickey and bluey on Disney and whatever we watch with them but have you seen the nickelodeon commercials? Its getting out of hand... why do they want to push this on kids!? They aren't safe with today's influences. I feel like an over protective helicopter mom but we have to be... no wonder so many kids go astray. They wanna separate the family unit!

Triggered by what exactly? Colors? No. Triggered by them seeing different family units? Also no. 😅

@Megan yes! Don't get me started on the new blues clues.

@Erica I believe adults have the right to do as they want but they were selling child size "tuck friendly " bathing suits. I'm not slandering LGBT. In fact alot of LGBT agree with the fact children need not know of what sexuality is at all. Why are we including children in sexual culture?

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