Nappy change

It’s 2am. I have a 8 month old who is very light sleeper. He just pooped in his diaper. Do I wake him up and change or do I let him sleep?
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Very very light sleeper. If you sneeze he will wake up. Any movement and he is awake. Changing the diaper without waking him up is impossible.

If pooping didn't wake him, let him sleep until he's uncomfortable enough to "ask" for a fresh butt

Thanks ladies. I couldn’t help myself and changed his diaper. He woke up and I put him back to sleep. It took him 20 minutes to go back to sleep. My little night owl.

I just hope that I am not causing any problems for him by messing up his sleep schedule.

20 minutes to get back down isn't bad at all! Here's hoping for good sleep the rest of the night

Wake and change. Only leave max 20 minutes. Nappy rash is when the bodily fluids burn the skin.

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