Momma's give your kids extra loves tonight please, and say a special thoughts or prayers our way please!! My son is in the children's hospital because his dad abused him when I was gone to the store please pray for us
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Prayers! Keep us updated!

They did remove his ventilator he was on, and his sedation meds, he's also not had a single seizure since yesterday morning

Norene - I’m so sorry this happened and hope your sweet boy is ok. I’ll be thinking of you. I also hope the guy who doesn’t deserve the “dad” title gets punished to the max.

This hurts my heart I hope everything goes well!!

Omg I’m so sorry

I’m sorry. I hope he gets better

So sorry to hear this. Praying everything goes well 🙏🏾

I'm so sorry to hear this,sending you all my love and prayers 💖

I hope for a speedy recovery and a great punishment for your lo father, I know for a fact cps (not sure what state you are in) is involved hope they can close the case but at the same time help you to get into a better place and help you and your lo!

@Mechelle thank you and yes they are, I am allowed to still be with baby boy and his well u know is locked up so my boy is protected very well, I've not left his bed side except to use the bathroom except once and that was because I had a panic attack during a court case and my attorney asked for a time out basically so I could go get some fresh air and calm down.

Oh my goodness 😭 praying for your sweet baby and you as well.

This hurts my heart!!! I hope he’s doing much better today… Prayers for you both

I’m so sorry I hope you are both okay. Praying for y’all

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