How to cope, what to expect moving forward..

Just found out yesterday of my loss. What was suppose to be 9w4day, measured 7w4d and no heartbeat…😔 How do you know how to choose between a D&C or let it pass..when both are equally heartbreaking. I have so many unanswered questions and I feel alone through it all as my husband is deployed as well.. My heart is heavy with guilt, anger, helplessness, overwhelming sadness and emptiness. Just full of emotions. I can’t sleep, been non stop crying every time I have to break the news to those I’ve already told not too long ago. I’m a complete mess.. I know it’s ok to not be ok at times like this.. What should I expect or do moving forward..?
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Grief therapy, family time, spending time behind yourself, listening to others stories on their loss. Time.. it takes time. Lean on others and know that you aren’t alone. Even if it feels like it.

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