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I’m 38 + 1 day prego and my ob did a membrane sweep today. She said my mucus plus was out already and I was 1cm dilated. Is it normal to do a membrane sweep at 38 weeks? I’m not trying to have contractions and only be 1cm dilated. No complications in my pregnancy everything has been good, bp has been great so I wanna make sure that was a smart thing to do. Now I’m cramping very badly and baby moving so much. Just advice would be great
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It’s normal and you can go into labor 1cm And get to the hospital and be 3-4cm

Did she ask if you wanted the sweep? It's a natural induction technique. My midwives said I would have to be a few cms in order to do the sweep. 37 weeks is considered full term so should be fine.

Thanks so much ladies! No she didn’t ask if I wanted the sweep but I just wanna make sure I’ll be dilated enough before contracting

She did a sweep without asking?

Correct but I didn’t refuse/reject it when she mentioned she would be doing it

She just assumed that you wanted one? I'd be livid tbh

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