Twin toddlers in same classroom or different classroom?

Hi everyone. I have 25month old twins and planning to send them to a preschool when they are 2.5years old. I’m not sure if it’s best for them to be in the same classroom or separate classroom. I would appreciate any advice or experience from you!
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We plan on separating our twins. In our opinion, it helps them build their own likes, dislikes, friend groups and personalities apart from being known as “ the twins” all the time.

Our b/g twins are together. They started preschool at 3, and they typically do their own thing according to their teachers. But I think starting them together the first time was probably helpful for them.

I was a twin myself and am now pregnant with twins! Personally I enjoyed being in a different classroom than my brother. That way the comparisons weren’t as direct and we had our own independence, but could still find each other on the play ground. Just my personal experience :)

@Vanessa thank you for your input.

@Kelsey good to know! Thank you!

@Dana thank your for sharing your experience! I appreciate it

My twins are 30 months and I notice that one likes to correct the other or answer questions first all the time so I'm going to separate their classes and see how it goes but if they seem scared or won't calm down I might switch and put them back together for a while.. idk

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