Self Weaning

Has anyone else’s baby self weaned? How did you cope with the end of your breast feeding journey?
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I’m honestly feeling hella depressed about it and I’m thinking about getting a breastmilk keepsake jewellery piece made

Its so hard isn’t it, how old is your bub? That’s a wonderful idea! I’m quite emotional too as I intended to keep going

He’s like 8.5 months, was born on the 6th of sept. I really wanted to go to 12 months but my doctor has gotten me to wean off because he’s draining all my nutrients no matter what I do which is causing like actual depression which is crazy but now I’m getting depressed hahah from weaning off, can’t win! Apparently our hormones go nuts during this process

My bub is just over 8months and has been mixed fed due to being lactose intolerant. Currently having bottles 3-4 times in 24hr and im expressing 2x a day but my supply has dropped dramatically. I think she's ready but im not. I would prefer to have her breastfed till 1yr old..😭

@Marjorie are you still breastfeeding? I feel your pain, also had the plan to breastfeed for longer

Yeah still breastfeeding! First thing in the morning and overnight. But sometimes overnight feed becomes expressed milk so bub can sleep longer unless im too tired and cosleep instead. Lol Are you trying to breastfeed bub until you no longer can or if self weaned?

@Lilyanna Completely understand how you feel, it’s a very difficult time for the mother. I’ve been feeling a bit down as well, hopefully the grieving process is short lived and we can cherish all the good times

@Marjorie that is great that you are still able to! I am no longer really able too and it’s been pretty heartbreaking. I think it is somewhat possible to continue..apparently babies mostly self wean after 1

Helpful advice: Try Using a Nipple Shield If your baby has been fed from a bottle whilst they were not able to breastfeed, some babies can get used to the feeling of the bottle; harder silicone instead of softer breast tissue. Because the nipple shield feels similar to a bottle teat, it can be used to coax a reluctant baby to accept the breast. Try this when your baby is not very hungry and your breasts are full. Apply the nipple shield correctly, ensuring some of you nipple is pulled into the shield. Express some milk into the tip and onto the top of the shield to moisten it and entice bub to latch and feed. Once baby starts to suck, compress your breast to encourage more milk to flow. Some babies need only a few sessions with a shield to return to full breastfeeding. Other will need more practice, or perhaps brief use of the shield at the beginning of each feed.

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