Does anyone have any thoughts on splitting your little one’s shots up, instead of getting them all done in one visit? It seems like a lot to give a baby all at once.
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This is how I do my babies. With my first my daughter had a reaction and we couldn't pin point which vaccine it was. Now we go to the dr every Friday

@Ginger my little guy is due for more shots and it’s something I’ve definitely been considering

Here is why not to split them up: The movement to split up vaccines was well intended. But as it turns out the amount of antigen that a baby is exposed to during vaccinations VS during a normal day pales in comparison. That means that splitting them up doesn't actually lower the antigen load. All splitting them up does is guarantee your baby will have to be totally miserable twice.

(or 3 times) etc.

@Alyssa thanks

@Megan to add on we did speak to there pediatrician about it as we split because of a bad reaction( we spent a night in the er) not because it was too much at once. And than decided to split with my second so if she has a reaction as well so we can treat better.

We split them up as well for the exact reason @Ginger listed. Some of these shots are known to have adverse reactions in babies.


I’ve heard that’s a good way to go with it.

All did all of them at once and my daughter did fine. I know all children are different.

Thank you ladies for your input!

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