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So my 8 mo almost 9 mo has been exclusively breastfeeding. I originally wanted to do both breastmilk and formula but my son hates the brand Similac and Enfamil so I stop trying to incorporate formula and have been strictly breastfeeding. Now I’m trying to find a formula that won’t taste like shit 😅 (I’ve tried the similac and enfamil and they don’t taste good). I want to use formula to feed him when he go out. He’s gotten way to big for me to be breastfeeding comfortably out in public, plus he hates being covered up when I’m feeding him. Anyone have any brand suggestions that have worked for their exclusively breastfed babies?
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I exclusively bf and my son doesn’t take any formula either but i recently tried the Kenamil because it’s closest formula to replicate breastmilk and it’s the only one he’ll somewhat take

We got the Aussie bubs goat milk. She was strictly breastfed until 6 months. She seems to like it I felt like she wasn't getting enough so that why we purchased it.

@Kaya thank you! I’ve heard about that brand too. I’ll give it a try.

@Ian okay thanks. Yea I’m not trying to completely wean him off breastmilk, I just don’t want the hassle of figuring out how to feed him out in public.

You could also consider pumping once a day or every other day and bring breast milk along with you?

@Samantha yes I have. We started BLW at 6 mo

@Cindy unfortunately not an option. I used to pump and have a freezer stash but he didn’t like my milk unless it was fresh. It tasted soapy and like metal

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