Anyone else feel like pumping is exhausting? I fall asleep pumping almost every night and struggle to want to get up and put away my milk and clean my pumps! I also can not keep weight on me. I know it sounds nice, but I am losing weight so fast that it’s making me anxious. I am now weighing less than my pre pregnancy weight, constantly hungry, and constantly exhausted. I am eating so much and can’t seem to stop my hunger either. Any advice?
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Exclusively pumping too, it is very exhausting. Getting up in the middle of the night or I'll have clogged ducts. Washing parts and bottles. I lose weight too. But I eat a lot. Eating carbs helps me stay full longer. It's a lot however, I do enjoy feeding my baby. I can't wait until this year is over though lol

Exclusive pumper here. And an under supplier. Some days I feel motivated and others I want to quit. My body failed me alot trying to get pregnant, during my pregnancy and my birth and I even failed at breastfeeding so this is the one thing I try to keep up with even if I'm an under supplier and have to supplement just being able to get any milk while pumping is keeping me going

Exclusively pumping mom 🩷 under supplier, too. So, I complete my baby's feeds with formula. The first time the pediatrician gave me advice about formula, I cried a lot, which made me feel so sad to just think about not giving my baby the best food for her. But now I think that helped me a lot, breastfeeding was so exhausting and estresfull for me and my LO, she cried a lot and most important she wasn't getting weight, so once we complemented with formula her mood changed and started gaining weight. Now my baby is healthy and happy, thanks to God 🩷 and no more stress for none of us. She gets about to 27 to 30 oz per day, and i just pump about 11 to 14 oz.

Could you do some things to help make your life easier like have a bedside mini fridge you can put the milk in? Extra pump parts so you can not wash those pump parts until morning? Countertop pump part cleaner? Make sure you’re taking prenatal vitamins/eating nutritious food/drinking enough so that you feel less depleted? Maybe try adding in a body armor/day? In the end do what feels right for you, your baby will be ok either way, pumping/BFing is a very hard job and you’re doing amazing ❣️

Pumping is exhausting and it is seldomly talked about when we are pregnant. I was a low supplier and doing it all, breastfeeding, pumping and bottle. I stopped breastfeeding/pumping 3.5 months in, it was a hard decision but it worked out. Part of me felt like I wasn’t good enough and part of me was relieved/happy. I was going back to work and in the middle of a company merging so I knew it was going to be a struggle and now 2 weeks in work in overwhelming. Hindsight it was the best choice for me. I’m getting more sleep and are less tense and stressed. Anyhow, we don’t prepare for this and I think we deserve a lot of grace for what we are doing and what we did, creating and birthing a baby! @Kaitlyn if I could just say your body did something amazing, a miracle, not a failure at all

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