Any moms in here who are not breast feeding? I know it’s the best thing for our babies but I just felt like it wasn’t for me.. although I do feel very guilty about not breastfeeding my baby because Yk society does put a lot of pressure on moms to breastfeed but I find formula easier for me and my baby is happy and healthy . Let me know what’s your guys opinion
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I’m not breastfeeding . I feel guilty about it because it’s the milk that he created and on top of that it just had to make a mom decision yesterday and change his formula. I feel as if I was breastfeeding I wouldn’t be going through this

I’m not breastfeeding and I don’t regret it at all! It’s much easier for me to use formula.

Don’t feel guilty.. Breastfeeding is hard. Tedious. & quite frankly annoying af. Lol I breastfeed but sometimes I wish I didn’t. It’s Mentally, physically draining to me personally.. so do what you feel is best for you and your baby. You matter too, you’re only human.

My first child, breastfeeding during the day, formula at night. He stopped breast feeding at 2 months. There is no awards for best mum for breastfeeding.. do your best

I’m not breastfeeding. My baby is 5 weeks and I was pumping but we just switched to formula. Don’t feel guilty…

Don’t feel guilty your baby needs a happy mom, breastfeeding and pumping can bring so much stress. I have 2 under 2 and can’t keep up with it this time around as much ready to throw in the towel and have no guilt. My kidddos need me sane not constantly tied to a pump.

My baby can’t stay awake with the boobs. I’ve been pumping, but only getting about 1-2 ml every time. I think I’m gonna stop trying because it just stresses me out and makes me sad. We’ve been using formula and my baby loves it.

I only pump but he's mostly on formula. Don't feel bad

I’m supplementing with formula, although sometimes it feels like I’m supplementing with breastmilk lol There’s no way I could stay awake and breastfeed in the middle of the night.

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