I haven't felt my baby move at all today and the pain she typically gives me every day is gone should I be worried?

I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant and she's been giving me loads of pain in my crotch area and of course has been moving but today it's like I woke up and there hasent been pain at all and I haven't felt her move I tried poking my stomach to anoy her to move but nothing. Should I be worried? She has been doing amazing and everything and the doctors said she's been doing good to so I'm concerned
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@Cheyenne 36 weeks

Call hun, and if there closed I’d personally go to an urgent care or er… better safe than sorry ❤️

I’d go in. Remember your kick counter. You want 10 kicks in 1 hour. And if nothing after moving, drinking something cold or eating then you NEED to go in

Go in to be seen

Thank you for everyone who told me to go in and everything. I just got in (had to drive a bit) and of course now when we got here she decided she's going to move around a lot. She is such a stinker smh her heart rate is good to

@Alexis where I am they say 6 kicks in 2 hours. I wonder why your recommendation is so different.

@Elissa honestly I had to Google it to see hahaha because I didn’t remember how many that’s what Google said! My girl is so active I don’t count her kicks tbh.

Drink juice and ice water. If baby doesn’t move 10’times in 1 hour call.

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