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My baby is 3 months old but can barley hold her head up longer than 2 minutes when on her belly , she gets so frustrated with tummy time and just lay there crying everytime I lay her on her belly. She doesn’t hold her head up long at all when on her belly and only lifts it at like 35 degrees, nor does she lifts it up herself without the help of me adjusting her hands but she has pretty good head stability when she is sitting up or being held. Is anybody having this same issue ? I feel horrible because I feel like she delayed in that area and I’m not helping her enough but idk what else to do.
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Mine is struggling on tummy time too. She is great on chest on her tummy and she has decent stability as well while being held or sitting up. I’m not sure. She was also premature by about a month so I was told by her pediatrician that she may be slightly delayed. Don’t be discouraged. All babies progress at their own timing. Ask her pediatrician and see if they have any tips or advice. My guess though is that she will be just fine. Keep up the great work mama!

It’s totally fine to still have this issue. My son does. If I do normal tummy time with him, he will put his face in the ground and not try to move it at all. I do it with him on my chest a lot. His pediatrician said even at 4 months it can be fine.

I also cry when I have to work out 😂 try toys and encouragement. Tummy time can be done on your chest laying down or even up in the air (which is a good strength exercise for mom too). Get creative with it.

Mine does this too, but the point of it is to grow her muscles :) just a few mins every day like working out. 💕 maybe try a boppy pillow too! They can help :) and by boppy I mean nursing pillow

Two minutes feels like a lot to me! Have you tried yummy time on your chest while you’re laying in bed? That counts!

Mine is the same. But I helped raise 6 other children and something that I learned is that babies are going to go at their pace. Things like this don’t mean that they’re delayed. It just means they don’t feel like doing it yet🤷🏼‍♀️ sometimes they’re just, for lack of a better word, “lazier”. Doesn’t have anything at all to do with their smarts. Look at Albert Einstein. He didn’t start talking until he was 4 and he was a genius. Babies are going to go at their own pace whether we like it or not. You’re doing a good job in encouraging him the best you can!

Same issue, mine daughter hates tummy time. I started laying with her and purchased a soft flip book with black and white pictures and a mirror. It seems have grabbed her attention. She was born early, pediatrician said it’s okay for her to be slightly delayed.

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