Toddler hitting

I'm a first time mom and expecting baby number 2. It's both a blessing and a curse that I live with my parents who have different parenting styles that I do. I'm still learning and I am trying my best to learn and be a healthy mom. I don't believe in yelling or hitting. I don't believe in forcing toddlers to eat. My mom told me to take parenting classes to learn how to handle situations of a toddler hitting, throwing spoons and food on the floor and tantrums. So I started watching videos and I am learning gentle parenting. I let her know how we can handle that when my son does act out and she tells me that she is going to continue to discipline her way and I can do mine. That makes me feel helpless like I can't raise my child properly and what I feel and say doesn't mean anything. Then she goes, this world is better without me and makes me feel guilty for saying anything that goes against what she believes in. I'm so drained. This literally makes the worst parts of me come out. This conversation stressed me out so much that not only was I crying but I can feel the stress I'm putting on my 34 week baby that I'm creating inside of me. I started feeling cramps. So I guess what im saying is how do I even come to a middle ground. I can't wait to move out.I rather struggle and not get help from my parents and have a good relationship with them.
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