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2nd time mom and having a hard time figuring out what all to pack, I’ve went a lot more minimalist this time but I feel like I’m not packing enough 😂 but I over packed with my first. Help !!
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What did you pack? I’m a first time mom so just curious as to what you packed as a second!:)

@Kaylee Stott so far I’ve packed 2pair of clothes for me, a robe, few pair of undies, blanket/pillow, normal toiletries, 1 outfit for baby, 1 paci and that’s it so far 😂 oh and my own towel and wash rag ! I’m letting dad pack is own bag. And I don’t plan on using the diaper bag at the hospital so I’ll be leaving that at home this go around. Only other thing I’ve planned on packing was charger, tablet, and my boppy !

I have two separate bags one for me and baby. I packed 3 hospital outfits cause I don’t know how long I’ll be there. And if I come home early I’ll have pjs to wear lol I packed some ice packs and some of the spray I have two pairs of house shoes and my convenience kit items. I also have underwear pads and stuff I think they’ll provide it for me.

His bag , pacifiers a couple of diapers his outfits and a sound machine.

@Mia I will say the hospital will provide a lot of that stuff, as well as diapers and wipes for baby ! I over packed so much with my first and ended up having to drag so much back home from what they gave us at hospital!

Oh I also have mine and his blanket and a cup! I might of overpacked but anything I don’t use I’ll use at home lol

That’s exactly why I didn’t pack any pads ! Diapers I wanna see how he does with the honest brand ! But anything I don’t use in the hospital will be coming home with me.

@Mia oh okay, I read “underwear pads” and separated the 2 😂 I’m use to having to read bad grammar so I just assumed 😂 those are amazing tho

Oh I’m sorry I hope I didn’t sound rude 😭 that wasn’t my intention at all.

So I’m a ftm I got a swaddle for the baby and 2 outfits, we will be at the hospital for 4 days so enough outfits for me and hubby, toiletries, baby’s name plate, stroller fan, chargers. My husband bringing our switch my cup a towel and then a extra bag to bring some of our own snacks and to bring things home!

I’m going more minimalist second time around too! However, I’d pack a second hospital outfit for baby, my first baby puked all over her outfit before I could even get a cute picture of her in it. Glad I had a back up with me. I’d also add some fuzzy socks, nursing bras, and a sweater! Last time my hospital was so cold!

@Mia no not at all !!

@Tina I did pack nursing bra! Just forgot I packed it haha I will plan to add an extra outfit. I honestly had such a hard time picking out an outfit this go around

Definitely put in fuzzy, grippy socks and a cozy cardigan. Your own pillow for after labor. Deodorant. Face mist for during labor. Lip balm. Hair tie and hair band to keep hair off your face. Pjs that are easy to pull down to nurse (I liked camisole style).

Did you try Amazon ? I got all 3 of mine on there!

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