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Anyone know of a workout app that helps you with gym workouts. Say I want to do workout for bíceps one day, the app would tell me what machine or dumbell type workout I can do.
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Show your support I found this last year and haven’t looked back!

Move with US

FitwithJen she has a challenge coming up and you can win all sorts of prizes. Her app also comes with customizable meal plans and a ton a different workout plans to fit your style of workouts. Also if you decide to join her challenge she does multiple facebook live sessions a week and will answer any questions you may have. You can find her on IG and Facebook at Hunnybunsfit.

i second fitbod. i love the app!

Definitely look into The Sculpt You. Its $9 a month but there is workouts for gym and home for beginners and advanced/intermediate, also dances and yoga, journal prompts and meals for different diets. Check her out on instagram @thesculptyou there is a challenge starting up for june.

MyQFitApp is the best! Nothing can compare and I have used a lot of fitness apps.

I use MyQFIT app. If interested I can get you 10 free day access

What's the cost of myqfit?

@Jerien you can try it for 10 days no obligation you can become a biz partner and get it for $10 a year or you can become a customer and have an item on subscription any cost and have it for free

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