Sleep regression

Explain your babies sleep regression... Unsure if that's what my baby is going through so want to see what it's like for others...
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Im not sure if we are going through sleep regression or what but it’s tough to get him to nap at all and when he does he wakes up after 30 mins screaming. At night he will scream if I put him down. He used to be very good sleeping and only woke for food 3-4 times a night

‘On paper’ his sleep hours look good, but it’s because within those windows I’m waking to console him back to sleep literally constantly. Like every 2-30 minutes from 11pm-5am ish. Also during the day he used to just go down for a nap when he was tired, but now he gets fussy instead and I have to work to get him down.

For us, nighttime hasn't changed much but the daytime naps are now nonexistent and traumatic! Screams when he needs to go to sleep and usually we can only get a few short naps when in the pram or the car at the moment x

Resisting naps during the day and waking every 30/45minutes over night 🙃🥴

Not napping much through the day if he does can be for only 20mins. Waking every hour in the night. He's breastfed normally only wakes every 3 hours. Xx

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