So I went to an escape room for my best friends birthday, since that’s what she wanted to do. But I didn’t know the room had stairs, so I walked Up and down the stairs, but of course I was worried. Any one else experienced walking up stairs.
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I may be reading this wrong, but as far as I know there’s nothing wrong with walking up stairs during pregnancy unless you’re on bedrest :)

@Alexandria the stairs were to get to the “attic” of the escape room, but I took my time going up and down.

What’s wrong with stairs? I walk up and down mine in my home every day 😆 I’ve never heard that stairs are an issue unless your dr has specifically said not to bc something else is going on in your pregnancy like needing bed rest

Stairs shouldn’t be a concern during pregnancy. If you are worried maybe ask your doctor but my doctor told me I could do anything I was doing before pregnancy. I was even doing stair climber at the gym. Don’t worry! You should be safe :)

I’m confused , do you have a medical reason to be worried about stairs ?

Yea I walk stairs every day in my house and work lol I think you’re okay unless you have a medical condition not being pregnancy

I walk up and down stairs over 10 times throughout the day at my work it SUCKS but nothing wrong with it AT all unless you were told not too 🙃

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