Teething tips??

my daughter is almost 5 months old and is teething. i’m a first time mom and don’t know what to do to ease her pain :(
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Hi, currently same situation with my baby. Our pediatrician recommended Tylenol and giving him something to chew on, seemed to help a little

Ice in munchkin nets, those teething rings you can freeze, Tylenol...

I have this numbing gel it came with a special paci from Walmart. I’m also first time mom but my daughter doesn’t like the teething rings, teething toys, or teething pacis. It’s numbs her gums and she is calm

Dr. Talbot's Soothing Gel and Gum-eez Teether for Teething Infants, 0.53 oz Gel https://www.walmart.com/ip/871859368

I make popsicles with my milk, he loves it! Very messy though so I use a waterproof bib

Get the Camilla teething drops you can get them at cvs or wal greens. It’s helping my baby so much and it’s homeopathic

My son doesn’t like any of the teething toys or rings either but what he does like is I get a bottle take the top off with the nipple put some water in the nipple and put it in the freezer he likes that out of all things

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