Bottle Nipple Size

Are you still using a 1/the slowest flow? My little guy is breastfed direct from the breast with an occasional bottle from dad. My husband mentioned baby is getting fussy with the bottle now. I wonder if he’s become more efficient at the breast and needs a faster flow from the bottle.
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How old is your baby?

I suggest not moving up. I’m combination feeding too and we moved up nipples and now he’s frustrated with how slow my breast is and refusing it. My LC said they can stay at the slowest flow if it still works. I use a 2 with phillips avent

I use the avent 2. I think they have ages for the different sizes. When he was like 2-4 weeks, we were using the 1 and it took him over an hour to finish a bottle, so we switched to the 2 at 4 weeks and it is quicker now

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