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I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and my dog has been acting out and being difficult basically since I found out I was pregnant. We have had him for 3 years and he has never tried to get out of the yard (we didn’t think he could) and now he has escaped 3 times in 3 weeks. He is also having crate issues (he has slept at night in a crate for over 3 years with 0 issues) and now he is escaping his crate for no apparent reason. He has no health issues prompting these behavioural issues. We thought we had made it impossible for him to escape but he got out again yesterday so I’m at a loss what we can do on this front now. I guess I’m just wanting to know if anyone else experienced something similar with their dog during pregnancy? I am just looking for any advice. 😅
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Animals are very in tune with emotions and energy. If you're feeling stressed or are otherwise off he could be picking up on that and reacting to it. It could be stressing him out which is a common cause of behavior issues. If you're busy/distracted or off the normal routine, anything that makes him feel like you're not paying as much attention to him as normal, he could also be acting out for attention because dogs will take negative attention like getting in trouble over no attention. Certain breeds also go crazy without enough exercise if that's changed recently.

Has everything stayed the same? Same amount of attention? Walks? Play time?

Thank you so much for your advice everyone. He’s had no changes to exercise/playtime/attention which is why I’m so lost!! I would totally understand if he was missing out on something but our routine with him hasn’t changed at all. 😩

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