Is anyone else little ones not taking their whole feed in this weather? I'm breastfeeding and have noticed she's only feeding for half as long as usual and a friend who bottle feeds her little one is l noticing the name... my little girl is 6 weeks old for reference
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Yeah my little boy is 7 weeks old and only in the middle of the day is he taking a full bottle. Glad to see we aren’t the only ones.

Yes same here, my boy is only taking half of some of his bottles x

Same here not finishing full feeds seems to want more snacks / is thirsty so wants smaller amounts more often. I just go with it and don’t focus on it too much as long as they are getting their usual amount of food over a different time span, the weather is probably making them not feel as hungry so I try to keep her as cool as I can. 6 weeks tomorrow she will be I find one layer of clothing or being naked dependent on how warm it is has helped with feeding issues throughout the day.

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