How to stop nursing to sleep

My 14mo cries and cries when I try to put her to sleep any other way. I want to wean her off now and the only feeds remaining are to nurse her to sleep and put her back to sleep at night. I'm pregnant and in a lot of discomfort, I wish I could go on but I can't, it's driving me insane. My husband isn't very helpful either, he can't comfort her at all. The only time she falls asleep without breastfeeding is when we're out and she's in her pushchair or sling. I try to take her out for naps but I can't always. We have a good bedtime routine, 45 mins to 1hr of winding down time.
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I was going to suggest having someone else do the bedtime for a little while, but if husband isn’t too helpful I don’t know. We’re still going strong with breastfeeding. Following for suggestions

Mine would bf on and off for up to 1.5 hours before going to sleep. I unlatched him once i could tell he was just comfort suckling and put him in his cot and lay down on the ground with my hand in the cot. There are still a few tears bit he usually quickly cuddles up to ny hand and then goes to sleep

Do they use a dummy? We still bf to sleep but use dummy to fall asleep. If she’ll take a dummy you could Slowly cut feed shorter and shorter and she could use dummy for comfort? Or a bottle/sippy/straw cup of another kind of milk?

I like this lactation consultant and she had a whole story on how to stop BF

@Poppy she doesn't use a dummy, I'm trying to introduce it but she throws it away. She drinks milk from a bottle/cup unless she's tired then she demands breastfeeding

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