What happens to ur belly piercing when u get pregnant?

guys do I take it out now or does it stretch out?
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i was wondering the same thing i was told to take mines out…

@monange by the Dr or just a friend?

at first a friend then i asked doctor and she said it would be best but i have yet to remove it

@monange so does it stretch if u don’t remove it? Cus I seen videos of women that said they kept it in & I rlly love mine😭

i think it stretches 😬bc i’ve seen women up to 8months with it too i put a extra long bar in my stomach to give it room maybe you can try that

I’m almost 36 weeks and I still have mine in like normal.

@Heather so does it like form around your stomach?

I took mine out, didnt want it going bad or causing issues so I'll pop it back in after :)

@monange I can tell the hole has gotten smaller but it’s not tight at all. I still have plenty of play with the length

You can get bars specifically for pregnancy. I took mine out Yeats ago and always had the holes, they are very stretched now 😅

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