Prenatal depression

Hey everyone. Currently 30 weeks pregnant now and I’ve felt prenatal depression now more than ever. I was doing pretty well my first and second trimester and could kind of keep my mind occupied and off it. But with time getting closer I just feel more and more hopeless and depressed. I have the best family and support system and my partner is amazing but I just can’t help but feel anxious and hopeless about the future. Any suggestions on how to cope
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And of course trying to eat healthy as much as I can & drinking lots of water. I know all basic things you prob know but it really has helped me so much.

Keeping my body moving during the day as much as I can and then reading helps calm my mind when I’m not moving. I know it’s hard to always be doing those activities but it has def helped me.

I have found that lots of walking during the day outside helps calm my nerves a lot. Or being around water and in nature as much as possible.

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