Positive induction stories needed.

Hey ladies! Still my little one hasn’t shown up 😂😂 they’re inducing me on Monday, if he doesn’t arrive before then. I’m starting to panic now as I know it’s coming. Any positive inducing stories? Maybe any quick ones aswell? Also any tips and things that helped you get through it and calm your nerves :D xx
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Sorry I don't have any advice for you but I'm feeling the same. Getting induced tomorrow if nothing by then! I was 1cm yesterday and had a bloody show but then nothing. Starting to totally brick it now 😬 good luck to you xx

BIRTH STORY…… Honestly it was the most amazing experience 🩷🩷I started getting contractions the night of having my pessary induction from 12-6am I was contracting every 3 minutes nonstop. Got to the hospital for 6:30am and I was already 3cm dilated, contractions continued to get more intense until about 1pm when they told me I was then 6cm so they moved me to labour ward, I got my water birth in the end even after being induced with a pessary but cos I was low risk I was allowed to use the pool, no medication was used through the labour and all I used was a little bit of gas and air from time to time but not much as I breathed through most of the contractions & birth itself. Got in the pool at 2 ish and she arrived at 17:43, she literally flew out it was so quick😂 I ended up with a 2nd degree tear which is recovering really well.

After having spontaneous Labour with my first i couldn’t help but feel frustrated to be induced this week. I had the pessary and the midwife gave me a good sweep at the same time, my contractions started straight away but I still had doubts if they would progress. I took in some tv entertainment and listened to podcasts with my husband whilst eating some fave snacks . I got some sleep whilst contractions were happening, the midwife reviewed me 6 hours later to see if I needed a second pessary but this wasn’t required as I had started to dilate. I had my first baby on a Labour ward, it wasn’t what I planned but still had a good birth. This time as I was induced, I had accepted that I would give birth on the Labour ward again but to my surprise I was able to give birth in a birthing suite. They broke my waters, gave advice on exercises to do to speed things up and 3 hours later, I gave birth to our son in the pool. From the first contraction to his arrival, it was 13 hours

I had induction through cooks balloon, it was in for 24 hours, it got me to 2cm then about an hour after removal I started having mild contractions, by 12.30pm that evening I was 5cm dilated so was taken to Labour ward, they broke my waters as I was still part of the induction process, then my son was born the following morning. The induction process can be lengthily but it’s so worth it. My birth ended with a natural delivery birth with one set of forceps and only one pull when pushing so not too bad. All the best I’m sure you’ll be fine

I went in to have the pessary around 15:30 ish and I was only 1cm dilated, around 9 hours later I started to get contractions and they checked me and I had gone to 2cm so they took it out as they said that’s enough for them to break my waters and put me on hormone drip to speed up my contractions. I kept feeling like I needed to poo/push and something felt like it was happening, my waters then broke on their own and they examined me again and I had gone from 2cm to 8cm within about 30 mins, they got me into the labour suite where I had more contractions and used gas and air to get me through them, I then pushed her out in 20 mins with no tears and it was magical, she was born in the sac! I would say just make sure you walk around loads, make use of the steps around the hospital, keep really active, use the ball! And just remain relaxed, trust in your body to do everything for you. Try and sleep through some contractions at the start to build up your energy, eat snacks and water!!

I was 2cm dilated when I arrived to be induced so they didn’t do anything right away, they just decided to wait until they could break my waters… they said “give it 4/5hours and if you haven’t had any sign of contractions or the don’t coke quick enough we can give you the drip” well within 45mins I was moved to the Labour ward😮‍💨 baby was born within 12 hours! Despite this, it was still a long process… I arrived on a Monday at 1:30pm, didn’t get my waters broken until closer to 10pm Tuesday, baby was born Wednesday morning and I got discharged Thursday afternoon (due to amount of blood lost) Just be prepared and ready to be patient, I got delayed even though they just needed to break my waters… they had to wait for a theatre to be free incase I needed a c-section for whatever reason (I’m assuming things can be a bit more unpredictable when they just break your waters) x

My waters broke and I didn't go into labour so had to be induced. I was 2/3 cm when they put the gel on my cervix this was at 7.30pm. Only two contractions within half hour and then suddenly within an hour I was having contractions every 2/3 minutes. I needed gas and air, was in pain (my threshold isn't good) so they moved me to a labour ward. I then went from 4 to 9cm dialated in 1.5 hours. Baby was born at 00.43. Literally all happened so fast x

I got induced on the 15/5 at 6pm at night. My little one was born at 4.20am on the 16/5. I had a really quick straightforward labour. At one point they wanted to used forceps and give me an episiotomy but I declined and the midwives were really supportive of my wishes and I got her out unassisted. I had the gels. Had 2 in total, I pretty much went from 2cm to fully dilated in 40 minutes. Managed up to 8cm not even gas and air xxx

My little boy was induced earlier this month. Things that helped me were to research induction and know what I did/didn’t want and I kept questioning the staff and asking whether we could make adjustments to what they were suggesting. One thing that I wish I’d asked for sooner is that they put a clip on baby’s head to monitor their heart rate which meant I didn’t have to stay on my back whilst pushing. Initially I had to stay on my back because of the continuous foetal monitoring and this wasn’t working well for me. In terms of duration, I was in hospital for almost exactly 24 hours before he was born but some of that was sitting around waiting the morning I arrived before they actually did anything. Take plenty of things to keep you amused! Also research the area in the vicinity of the hospital - after I’d had the gel I was allowed to go on a walk and we went to the local park and enjoyed the sunshine for a bit which was loads better than being on the ward!

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