Anyone else or just me?

Does anyone else just get randomly annoyed by or at there partner? Not really for a particular reason but just everything they do pisses you off? Just like there whole existence is annoying? 🫣😂 I’m convinced it’s the pregnancy hormones🫣
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Yep lol

Yeah I can be in a great mood and just the thought of him sets me off. Same with my my boys. I contribute my anger to my bipolar and hormones

This happens when I’m not pregnant too

lol hardly wanna talk to him 😭

I’m carrying a boy so this testosterone is kickin my ass . 😂 we could be having a fine day but something about my bd just erks me . Little stuff in the house people do just pisses me off and I want to be left alone 😂 idk why but I just be in my head like please stop talkin to me

@Quana I have been the only female in the house for a long time. Boys are fun to raise but man they get moody lol.

Every day 🤣

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