Period after pregnancy

When did everyone get their period after pregnancy while breastfeeding ?
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I had mine 2 months postpartum but have not gotten it since!!

I haven't yet! 4 months pp!

Yes. Just did. 4 months postpartum.

3 months postpartum

I think I got mine ~2mo pp but it was a week after I got my IUD so that might’ve thrown things off?

Some say you don’t get a period while breastfeeding

I’m four almost 5 months no period

4 months and some change pp still no period, exclusively pumping and on birth control

@Olivia same! Had one at 2 months pp and haven’t seen it since. Baby will be 5 months on June 10.

Just got mine, a little after 4 months

4 months PP tomorrow and still haven’t gotten mine!

8 weeks….

6 weeks

3 months PP, EBF

4 months pp

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