My baby will be six months on the 9th and she’s recently started rubbing her mouth into the mattress, drooling way more and is extremely fussy at night. We’ve tried the raspberry pacifier, orajel day and night, orajel tablets and the banana tether and legit none of them do anything for her besides the banana teether. Is there any other recommendations? I’m exhausted
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Freezing a pacifier was the best thing for my teething babe. (And we did Tylenol a couple times at night when she really wouldn’t sleep) DIY Frozen Pacifier For Teething Baby - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfwHZZQUUo0

Frozen teethers were a game changer for us. My son loooooves the feeling of cold on his gums when teeth are coming in. And the Camilla drops helped. He needed more snuggles and comfort in general too.

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