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Ok dumb question but I’m back I went to my 5week pp checkup was told I had my period bc everything was normal I had pp bleeding then it died off then started back heavy again (it was my period?) but I just went to the bathroom and a literal glob of clear mucus came out of me is this lochia? Do u have it still after your period? Or what I’m so confused lol 😂
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I’m only 3.5 weeks pp so not sure. I have some friends 5 mths pp with no period and some that got theirs 6/7 mths pp

I was wondering the same thing 4weeks pp and no blood just peeing my pants smh 🤦‍♀️ however today what I thought was lochia stuff started up was trynna google if this is my first period or what. Still waiting for my insurance to get transferred for a check up at 6weeks

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