Blurry vision

Hi I have eye pain burning sensation and feeling strained looking while driving or watching movie. I am 8weeks pregnant. I had eye checkup and doctor told during early pregnancy hormone levels may vary and tat might cause this. But I am little anxious and worried. Does anyone have faced the same? Please advise
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This happened to me too! I'm 8.5 weeks ans the vision is better but I have some days where it's blurry. It's my understanding that this is normal

My vision has been worse lately too I already wear glasses but if I take them off it's just so much worse now since I've been pregnant

@Bethany is there anything we could do to make it normal? Any eye drops or drinking more water?

Me as well! Especially at night I really struggle. I do work on my computer all day for work but never had a problem before it actually started after my first pregnancy which was 19 months ago. I need to make an appointment as well. But I hope all gies well with yours too

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