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I got in a car accident and went to L&D to check on my baby. I had to have an emergency c section because her heart rate was super low and my placenta abrupted. She was two months early. She’s now 14 weeks and I’m still having issues pumping. I only pump about 1oz if I’m lucky. Usually I get around 20ml-25ml. I’ve tried everything to try to boost my mil supply (power pumps, supplements, lengendairy, fenugreek, oatmeal, the list goes on). Has anyone else had issues with their milk supply. I’ve heard it’s common for nicu mamas. I’ve been debating on quitting pumping since my supply is so low but I feel so guilty. I want my baby to get breast milk but pumping is consuming my life. Idk what to do. She only gets 1-2 full feedings of my breast milk each day.
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After a few weeks my milk supply diminished into nothing. Very similar to how much you are getting. I quit once we were home due to my mental health. I was able to give her enough for her whole NICU stay (50 days) but I knew I wouldn’t be able to supply enough for her at home. I still have moments where I’m sad, but compared to how sad I was every time I would pump and would only get a month I’d say it was worth letting go. Don’t look at it as giving up, just closing a chapter. A fed baby is all that matters at the end of the day mama.

I’m almost 6 months in and still struggle with it I’m extremely determined and for awhile I did get my milk in but her pediatrician said she needed a high cal feed because she wasn’t gaining weight so when we started that my daughter just lost interest I still pump to give her the benefits from it plus I want to make her foods with my milk so I just carry on with the struggle and keep pulling through but that’s not for everyone and you should do what is best for your mental health it is extremely challenging and sometimes very upsetting.

I just wanna start this off by saying obviously I’m no expert because my only breastfed baby (also NICU) is only 3 months old. But I’d happily offer any advice I can. Because I totally get desperately wanting to provide this especially for a NICU baby. Admittedly I SUCK at drinking water, like I would drink none. It was essential to getting my milk supply where he needs it. We are still having struggles due to a tongue and lip tie. So I’m still pumping and still trying to get exactly to the amount he needs. Secondly, make sure the breast pump you have is effective enough. I’ve been using the momcozy and i straight up want to throw it away due to the fact that it seems to lose proper suction constantly, so it’s not effectively emptying me without a LOT of hassle. Thirdly what has helped the most is power pumping according to my letdowns. 1/2

When I stop getting enough milk on one side I switch to the other. No timer. Just my body deciding when to take a break. And last and most important, I totally get how exhausting and defeating this can feel. Even if you’re not getting her whole diet, even a little helps so much. I was only getting like maybe 1/2 an oz at a time when he was in the NICU. But it meant so much to me to provide him with anything because I wanted to do everything in my power to get him home soon. (He wasn’t premature, he was born with fluid in his lungs so I thought it would help him heal faster) 2/2

Gatorade !!!!

See if you can see and speak with a lactation specialist don’t beat yourself up instead take a breather and don’t hesitate to reach out for help and support, sending you positive vibes

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