A positive birth story for those worried about induction

My BIRTH STORY…… My labour was the most amazing experience 🩷🩷 I got induced at the hospital at 12pm, stayed there till 9:30pm to which they let us go home. I started getting contractions from 12am-6am. I was contracting every 3 minutes nonstop. Got to the hospital for 6:30am and I was already 3cm dilated, contractions continued to get more intense until about 1pm when they told me I was then 6cm so they moved me to labour ward, I got my water birth in the end even after being induced with a pessary but cos I was low risk I was allowed to use the pool, no medication was used through the labour and all I used was a little bit of gas and air from time to time but not much as I breathed through most of the contractions & birth itself. Got in the pool at 2 ish and my beautiful Maisie arrived at 17:43pm weighing 7lbs 2oz. she literally flew out it was so quick😂 I ended up with a 2nd degree tear which is now recovering really well. YOI GOT THIS MAMMAS 🫶🏼👶🏻
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She's adorable! Congratulations mommy

I had the drip put up at 6pm, and was holding my baby in my arms at 8:34pm! I was telling the midwife I need to push and she was telling me it was far to early for that they’re not checking me to 10pm again! 🤣 It all happened that quickly I didn’t even remember there was gas and air there! 🤣I had no pain relief and would do it again tomorrow! Although I had to be cut and had 2 tares, the worst thing about my whole labour was the stitches! We are made of tough stuff girls! ☺️♥️

Congratulations 🎉 She's beautiful ❤️

Wow amazing ❤️ thanks for sharing as I’m nervous about inductions 🙈

Beautiful baby 💕 congratulations

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