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Any moms thinking about drinking after their baby is born ? My boyfriend wants to have a party for Father’s Day and since I’m 21 now he wants to celebrate us being able to have our first legal drinks together and the birth of our son. Would it be okay if I just pumped for a couple days before I drank, and if I ran out before I was able to breastfeed just give him a bottle ?
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From what I know the recommendation is to pump/nurse right before you plan to drink. Then 2-4 hours depending on how much you drink should clear your system and you should dump if you pump in between then. I plan to do something similar but in October for my birthday lol. I’ve also heard your tolerance to alcohol is shot during postpartum so I wouldn’t have any more than two drinks personally. In my case If baby gets hungry between then I have no issue introducing a bottle bc I plan to combo feed as much as needed.

Same I’m going to combo feed just so, if dad is home with him, we’re in the car and can’t immediately stop somewhere, we can make a bottle and he’ll be okay with it

My thoughts exactly

Honestly you won’t want to drink much - but I think toasting to legal drinks together is fine!

I think that’s totally fine. As long as you follow the guidelines you’ll be okay. I’m combo feeding as well and not really too worried about it, I definitely plan to have some drinks after she’s born lol Just remember our tolerance has gone wayyyyyy down. Enjoy yourself! 💕

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