Baby Nora

My sweet girl who arrived on May 20, 5 weeks early! Couldn't wait to be born 💕
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She’s so cute ☺️

Pretty! Congratulations!!!! 💝

Congratulations she is adorable

Congratulations! 😍

Just adorable 😍❤️ God bless 💕

Very cute!!❤️❤️

Did you find out you were having a girl?

So cute! Congratulations 💕

So cute!! Congratulations! 💕🎉

@Jordan yes, we did! I couldn't wait to find out ;)

She's beautiful! Congratulations 🎊

Congratulations 🎉 She is a sweetipie 💕

Congratulations, she is just precious! We have a similar story! My son came at exactly 36 weeks on May 25th. What a delightful surprise! 💖

@Katie thank you! And congratulations to you as well :)

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