Tailbone and pelvic pain, can't walk 😞

I'm sure we're all reaching that point where everything hurts and sleep is impossible, we're so close now! The last couple of days I've gone from shooting pains in my crotch when I'm out a walk to can't lie down due to pelvic and lower back pain where my tailbone is. Baby is fully engaged, '0 space between head and exit point' is what they said at my scan on Monday. I do feel like babys head is 'there' and wondering if this is why I've got the pain i have, I've also noticed visually that the pubic area looks fat and puffy now and my husband says it was moving the other night when I was laid down and baby was active. Anyone else can't face laying down but can't get up either? And pain relief advice would also be so awesome, i normally get in bath but can't scissor my legs anymore and worried I'll get stuck if i manage to get in.
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Fill a condom up with water and freeze it to place it in your tailbone. I suffered really bad with trauma to my tailbone after childbirth and tbis is what physio recommended to ease pain / Inflammation. You can also try heat pressure wirh hot water bottle too

@Hollie genius tip! Trying this now, thank you 🙏🏻

It does help as gets right in the crack! Just wrap it in something so it’s not direct in your skin! I hope it helps ease tbe pain! I can relate as couldn’t sit down for months after my first baby (still have trouble on hard surfaces now and it is agony!!) xx

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