Bottle refusal

Our bubs has started suddenly refusing the bottle- had mastitis so wasn't pumping for a week and suddenly she wont take a bottle! Will not engage with a pacifier as well. We exclusively breast feed and I was worried about nipple confusion, now I'm worried I will not have more than 2 hours to myself/be the only one to do night feeds. Id love the security of knowing she's got an alternate food source should I need to be away, but don't know what to do to encourage her to take the bottle again. She's wonderful but this loss of a skill is throwing me! Any advice truly appreciated.
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If you haven’t already, join the Breastfeeding Mums Support Group on Facebook and look up the term bottle refusal in the comments. There’s soooooo many posts about it on there and advice from lactation consultants and feeding counsellors well

Maybe the flow rate is too slow with the bottle. My little one stopped taking the bottle so I got the next year size up, and he went for that.

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