High temp for days

My little one has had a high temp for 4 days now… and the doctors have said it’s viral, I just think a 4 day temp of 38/40 is longgg. Have been giving nurofen and it does bring it down but not always back down to round 36/37. Can this happen or is something wrong?😣 he’s still drinking milk ok, abit off food but still having wet nappies ok
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Don’t let them fob you off. My baby was prescribed throat spray for his throat which seemed to help the pain when he coughed

Sounds like exactly like my little boy. They think he had a viral infection to start them he got a bacterial chest infection, ended up putting him on a 5 day course of antibiotics, finished the course then a day later the fever was back so they gave him another week course of antibiotics. On the last day of it today and he seems a lot better and way more himself. Go with your mum gut! They kept turning me away saying viral but I knew it was something more!

Listen to your mum gut. Often our feelings are there for a reason. If you're worried keep getting checked x

Yes we waited out the weekend and when he didn’t get better took him to the doctors.. they shouldn’t really have such a high temp for that long.. he’s clearly fighting something, we may be viral but given been a bit best to check him looked at again. Yes I bet! He just wanted comfort and to be with me.. was exhausting!

@Terri yeah I think I will have to get him checked again because this is day 4 I think that’s long to have a temp 🙄 I’m one tired mumma😅

A cough on and off / snotty / his breathing was a little hard at times, his chest would go in, and his breath smelt a bit fishy - he had bacterial tonsillitis so the bacteria was causing it.. He was snotty etc for weeks - he was teething so initially thought that and then 1 weekend the temp kicked in, again thinking teething but it wouldn’t stay down - gave calpol / nurofen and it dropped a bit but would then shoot back up. He was incredibly restless and didn’t sleep well at all.

@Terri what other symptoms did they have? He’s had a little cough for weeksss now it’s not as bad now just here and there but he makes a little noise after coughing like it hurts, very snotty aswell. They didn’t check his cough tbh

Our little one was like this and he ended up having tonsillitis! If it not coming down I would get him checked over again.

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