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Hey ladies! Anyone have their period back? I'm a C section momma, bled for about 5 weeks, had a few days break then bleeding started again with cramping for a few days. My midwife joked it could be my period already. Sure enough 2 weeks later I have ovulation pain and checked with an LH urine test. I'm breastfeeding full time now but had a tough start with latch and supply issues and was pumping and formula feeding. So I'm assuming hormonally, our rough start allowed for the early return. What is the average??? I hear so many women going 6-9 months without, some even a year? Are any of you back already?
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I already had my period im c section momma as well and I only pumping my doctor say was normal

I got my period exactly one month after my c section, I’m pumping and giving formula too. My baby was born March 1st and this month I got my second period, fist period was for 5 days and the second one for 8 😵‍💫

I got my period 3 months after my C-section with my first and I EBF. It’s not a guarantee that BF will stop your periods.

C section had my perion on my 6 week mark. Ebf too

Vaginally delivery and ebf, 7 weeks it came back. I think this is payback because I got 14 months before it came back with my first

Pump exclusively, c section and had my period at 4 weeks pp

I’m almost 8 weeks and nothing yet

I'm breastfeeding exclusively and had a vaginal home birth. I had a mini period from Monday to Thursday last week. By mini I could see blood when I wiped, it was on the pad but never enough to really soak. I didn't have tampons on hand because well that's not supposed to happen at 8 weeks but here we are 🤣

I got mine lightly just a day or 2 before my 6 week checkup. And then just like normal a month later. Mine seemed slightly heavier at the beginning this time around. I’m now almost 12 weeks postpartum.

C section momma and 11 weeks pp and just got a mini one these past couple days. Wasn’t too heavy but not it just stopped after 3 days. I breastfeed and formula.

I got my period week 5 pp. Also a breast feeding c section mama

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