How many times sick is normal? Nursery.

I had to take my daughter the doctors yday after getting a phone call from nursery saying they think she may have hand foot and mouth again as she has spots all over her bum, up her back and numerous other places. She doesnt’t have it anyway and i didn’t think she did. My question is she’ms been going nursery since she was 9 months old in September so 9 months now. Its almost every other week she either has a cold, stomach bug or hand foot and mouth. It’s constant. How many times have yours been sick? The gp said this is the worst year she’s seen it for all the kids after covid. My partner thinks she should come out of nursery. But i think it’d be the same anywhere? She moves room in a week with nearly double the children and this concerns me again😞 she’s still not walking and i think this is partly to do with how sick she’s been. I have so many commenting on how often she’s sick. Any comments?
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I think all kids who are in nursery seem to be sick 24/7 because they are just constantly passing it round to eachother. Also maybe the fact shes not walking yet could just mean shes more prone to picking stuff up as kids always put there hand in there mouth. Also since covid everything seemed to double as no one has been around eachother x

They do just seem to have something constantly. Friends who have older kids say it’s last a year or so until their immune system builds up. Such fun! X

This is defo true, my LO was the same HFM 3 times in his first 4 months at nursery (he went when he was 10 months) and various other viruses. It felt like he was barely there up until February time. I had so many emergency days off work it had gotten ridiculous as it was most weeks! Fingers crossed these last few months seem to have been better, it does get better I promise. My older one who’s 7 is hardly ever off school now and she was the same when she started nursery (it’s just another thing that I forgot how tough it was from the first time around) x

This is why we've chosen a childminder with 5 max kids at a time! X

I posted about this the other day too. My little boy started nursery in September too and has been constantly poorly since that point with viral infections, with different symptoms every time. It’s tough but I think it is normal. Hope yours feels better soon xx

I'd say he has a new cold every 3 to 4 weeks. He's also had HFM and covid.

Oh ye i forgot covid too😅

Our GP told us that it’s normal for kids this age to be ill every 3-4 weeks to build their immunity. It’s horrible isn’t it?!

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