When should the babys start kicking higher I am 26ws and he's still kicking lower, is that normal?
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26 almost 27 here! He’s still kicking by my belly button and lower abdomen! :)

same here , randomly i’ll feel a high one

Every baby is different as long as she or he is moving everything is good

Im 26 weeks and feel my babyboy below my belly button sometimes just slightly on top of it! Im sure youll feel him higher very soon! 🫶🏻

I think the top of the uterus is just above the belly button still so that’s probably why movements are still low my kicks are still low for the most part the highest I’ve felt was just below my belly button.

I just started feeling movement in my upper stomach but I also still feel movement in my lower stomach and I’ll be 26 weeks on Monday. It’s all about how your baby is positioned in your uterus and the placement of your placenta. I have an anterior placenta so until he’s a little bit bigger /I’m the 3rd trimester, his movements are a little faint but definitely still moving around a lot.

@Cynthia I have noticed it around my belly button area a bit more

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