Statutory maternity pay after tax & NI

I was wondering how much tax and national insurance per month comes off for statutory maternity pay at £172.48 per week. I’m due in August and am trying to work out a budget 😊
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I don't pay any tax or NI at all. The only thing that comes off my maternity pay is for my pension, which is roughly £40 this month xx

Oh that’s a relief I had thought that due to the tax threshold but someone from work said you did so started to worry.

It is due to the tax threshold but HMRC also would see the drop in pay and hold off.. Even if you did have to pay it you would get it back next April once they amended their accounts

The easiest way to think about it is, will you have earned the personal allowance value by the time you take SMP? If yes you will pay tax/NI, if not then no. My work issued me with a schedule of payments (gross earnings) so I could see how much I would be paid. That way you can work out your total earnings to the end of the tax year and you will know how much Tax/NI etc you should pay x

I get paid weekly, and only pay for my pension so I end up with £170.14 a week. 😀

I’ve read that you do pay Tax and NI on here. It would surely depend on your previous earnings?

I assume you wouldn’t be taxed on it as it’s government, same as sick pay you don’t get taxed on that?

@Kirsty unfortunately it is subject to tax. Some won’t pay tax as it means within the year they don’t earn over the personal allowance however for those that do tax is applied in the same way as usual x

@claire that’s so crap then :/ I’ll be going on maternity from July but get three months full pay so from November I’ll be on smp, so if they work it out from April this year I’ll most likely get taxed then

Depends completely on your income for the rest of the year and whether you’ve reached the threshold.

@Kirsty I know it sucks! I’m in the same position. I have a company car which reduces my personal allowance to only £3K a year as well 😢 x

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