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How long is your little ones feeding for? My LB is 4 months next week and his feeds vary xx
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My girl is 13 weeks and her feeds really vary too. Anything from like 4 minutes up to 15 at the moment x

My 12 week old feeds pretty much to a schedule which she’s made herself 😂 She wakes up, or if she’s already awake she cries, for a feed pretty much every two hours on the dot and she usually feeds for around 20 minutes. Apart from at night when she sleeps through

Around 3-7mins feeding, can be up to 10-15mins when you include the comfort flutter sucking at the end of the feed

During the day seems to be shorter feeds at around 5-7mins otherwise about 12 mins

Five and a half minutes apart from before bedtime when she feeds for up to an hour 😅

My little girl feeds for a minimum of 20mins every 2 hours during the day and usually for an hour every 4 hours at night

My girl is 12 weeks and some feeds are 5/6 minutes but then others can be 20-40 minutes. Doesn’t seem to be much pattern to it! I think it depends on how thirsty and/or hungry she is.

My 13 week old tends to feed very 2-3 hours for about 8 minutes on average

My 12w old between 5-20 minutes, he won’t won’t comfort suck anymore just flings his head off and tries to take my nipple with him 🥹

My little girl has been cluster feeding since she hit around 4 months along with a BIG sleep regression during the day. She wants nothing to do with naps lately unless it’s 30 mins a piece maybe an hr 😣. She eats every 30 min to 3 hr depending on cluster or not. She drinks about 5-20 mins depending on if it’s just a quick snack: drink or a comfort nurse/ actually hungry.

My 12 week old is still every 2 hours during day some times 3. And feeds between 5 and 20mins. Night time he wakes twice for feed

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