I am currently 40 weeks today, got induced yesterday morning around 6am .. My first kid was induced as well but I had her so much quicker than this one, I’m so afraid of a C-section but all of my nurses keep telling me that they’re not even close to giving me a C-section .. I’m just nervous because it’s taking my body so long seem like . She just came in and checked and told me I dilated to a 3, they are trying to get me to a 5 so the doctor can break my water. I haven’t got an epidural yet, I’m on some other pain medicine that they give me through my IV. My contractions are stronger but definitely something I can bare with, the medicine they gave me through my IV for pain makes me feel high, has that happened to anyone else? 😂. Anywho I’m just venting, I cannot wait to meet my baby girl 🤞🏾💜. At this point I’ve already told myself if I have to get a C-section I’m okay with that, I’m kinda exhausted and READY to eat 🫠
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It really takes a while for everything to start kicking in you’ll get there. I was scheduled to get induced and ended up being 4cm when they checked me in and was in labor for about 15 hours it took me a while to get to a 10.

She just came in and broke my water so 🤞🏾

@Ki’Anna after that everything should start moving along pretty fast ! Good luck mama have a safe delivery 🩶

Thank you 🫶🏽🫶🏽

I was induced on Tuesday, was feeling pretty high with the same IV medicine. Ended up having a C-section and personally wished I had just planned for a c section from the get go. FTM though so wanted to at least try for natural.

When i was induced last year, i had a medication that made me feel high as well, and it was before i was dilated to 4cm without the epi. The medication was lowkey funny but very helpful cause it made me not think of the pain and i was laughing and apparently talking a lot but i don’t remember anything about that part cause i eventually fell asleep. I think it normally takes long to dilate while induced, idk how common it is though. It took me about 26-28 hrs just to fully go from 0cm to 10cm cause i came in not dilated at all 🥲

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