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Does anyone have tips on the Ferber Method? My LO has been going through the 8 month sleep regression for the last month. He’s also been non stop teething since 4 months. He used to sleep 10+ hrs until he hit 7m and now we are loosing our minds over lost sleep. He’s waking up multiple times and we’ve formed a horrible habit of feeding to sleep. I like the idea of the Ferber method since you can comfort the baby, but how long do you stay in the room for if he doesn’t settle without being picked up? Does anyone have a sleep training method that worked well for them?
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TakingCaraBabies ABCs of Sleep is modified Ferber and will walk you through everything.

I'm going through the same thing with my little one. He's only 6 months tho. I was reading another post on here about sleep training cu I was thinking about the same thing and the advice on that one said you only stay in the room for a few minutes regardless of if they settle or not.. if I can find the post I'll share. There was a lot of advice on there from moms that have done it successfully I was reading these comments and helped me understand a lot. Still have to work on trying it tho. Good luck!

We are doing Ferber. It’s helping, but it’s hard. I stay about a minute. Usually it calms him, but for some babies it works them up more (like dangling a cookie and then taking it away lol) so I’ve seen a lot of parents start with Ferber and end up doing CIO because of that. Ferber doesn’t seem to have an “end time” that you give up, but I typically won’t let him cry over an hour total, and the chart goes up to 30 minutes without check ins but I don’t go over 10. We’ve just found that’s what works for him and us but all babies are different. It’s worth a try

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