any other mums notice their baby keeps pulling or touching their ears? Have they figured out their ears or does my LO have pain? He seems happy most of the time so I’m not sure if it’s an infection or something. He doesn’t cry but always tries to touch his ear
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Yes! Just the past 24 hours. Also can’t decide if it’s just that she’s found them, or it’s teething

I was going to say it's a sign of teething and tiredness I think

Yes! She made one of them so red, I even rang the doctor but was told its normal. She's now moved on to sucking her bottom lip instead so her ear is getting a break.

@Ailsa we had the bottom lip last week! Kind of mad how they’re all starting to find things at around the same time, but different orders sometimes 😊

My daughter constantly pulls hers and covers it etc took her to drs and she’s got a slight infection

its due to teething, the gum pain radiates to their ears

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