Early morning painful wind - any solutions?!

My 7 week old is currently waking up every morning around 4 or 5am, writhing a lot and then starting to full on cry with wind. He's a windy baby generally but we've got a handle on it during the day, and we've used both infacol and gripe water. I'm winding him and holding him upright for 30 mins after his early morning feeds, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. The HV also suggested breaking his early morning feeds into smaller chunks to help with his digestion, but that didn't seem to help either. Anyone else suffering with this? Any solutions or suggestions? I'm sure he'll grow out of it, but right now it's tough being woken up by a very sad baby every morning before dawn had broken!
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@Jenny she’s 8weeks now but been doing the tummy routine for the past 3-4 weeks. She doesn’t need to move her legs to pass gas in this position. It comes naturally when she starts pushing.

I recently saw an osteopath for our super unhappy baby and I mentioned that I thought it was down to gas.. she massaged his tummy and held him in certain positions and then whilst I fed him he had a poop... Ultimately we paid £40 for him to poop which I could have done at home 😂 however... The next morning when he started writhing around at 5am trying to fart I gave him a helping hand. We did lots of bicycle crunches and then every now and again I'd put the soles of his feet together and push them up to his chest - got loooads more farts out and, I don't know if it's a total fluke or what, but yesterday he was so much more settled through the day too, we even made it out for lunch with friends without him screaming the whole time!! Now we do the same routine every time he's relaxed and tying to poop / fart!!

@Jenny the GP meant not to give him a dummy at all I am afraid. I guess that would be hard if he is already used to it, but try to reduce the usage maybe. In our case we introduced the dummy a few weeks ago only to result in nipple confusion to the point he didn't know how to latch, so we just decided to never give it to him anymore.

@Angela how old is your baby? I've just tried this and mine didn't get the message to move his legs.. Just laid there confused! But then he's too little to do things like hold his head up anyway.

@Iva did your GP say when not to use the dummy? Just overnight? Or at all? We don't often use it at night time but will try to restrict it

Mine wakes up at 6am screaming with gas and eventually poo too. What I learned is to pop her on her tummy while tapping gently on her bum to draw her attention to it and she manages to push them out way better than me bicycling her legs.

Yeah @Jenny let's do that. I will try Gripe water for the first time tomorrow, will see how it will affect him. I was also told breastfed babies should be less windy, but not in our case 🤷 I am also trying to exclude some foods from my diet that may result in more wind (legumes, cabbage, broccoli). Apparently that could also affect the breast milk. Another thing my GP mentioned is to not give him dummy nor allow him to use the breast for that, because that also may result in swallowing more air.

@Kathryn we use normal sma at the moment. How quick did you find it worked and what improvements have you seen please?

@Iva maybe we can trial solutions together...! I'm EBF too, which I thought was meant to result in less wind but who knows.

We have just changed to sma comfort milk and worked amazing for our little one not longer in pain with wind and feeding much better he used to have 1-3oz on and off and now he’s finishing a full 5oz bottle xx

Same here - my LO is waking up exactly between 4 and 5 am by starting grunting and squirming in bed in his sleep. When I get him he is not even hungry and only settles when he is on me on his belly and his legs curled. Sometimes I do a gentle massage and move his legs to help him wind him, but still it's hard for him to settle even after that release of gas. Just following, no solution for now. For reference: I'm EBF my 6-weeks old boy

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